Safe and delicious fish to your table! Sakamoto Feeds looks at the diet and your health through feeds.

As a Leading Company for the Environment-Friendly Aquaculture

The aquaculture is developing all over the world as “marine business” of the next generation with promise and possibilities. We have promptly developed dry pellets for the environment-friendly Aquaculture with good cost performance. We supported “International Symposium on Nutrition & Feeding in Fish” to realize the environment-friendly Aquaculture by developing and improving feeds, as a sponsor. We have been carrying out Aquaculture projects and joint studies with universities and prefectural fisheries experimental stations. We are conducting various sorts of technical support.

Tomorrow’s Aquaculture through Feeds

Raw fish was used as the main feed for cultured fish (mainly yellowtail) for a number of years. Feeding raw fish resulted in deterioration of environmental water by aquaculture wastes. So cultured fish were not necessarily appreciated because of the smell of raw fish and various fish diseases. Sakamoto Feeds successfully developed New Soft Dry Pellets (EP) for yellowtail for the first time in the world and ushered the way for less smell delicious fish and the environment friendly sustainable aquaculture.

(Japanese Society of Fisheries Science Award)

Improving Fish Flesh Quality with Our Feeds

Fish have always been on the tables in all seasons in Japan. Consumption of fish is now increasing all over the world. They now realize that fish is healthy and delicious. We can control fish quality suitable for recipes and uses by feeds.

High Quality approved by ISO

The quality management system of the following plant and departments has been approved to ISO9001:2015(Main office, Katori plant, R&D, All sales offices). Under the situation that the consumers are demanding for the safety of the food, we are working thoroughly for the safety and quality of cultured fish through selection of raw materials, R&D, manufacturing, storage and logistics.

Preventing Metabolic Syndrome

Many of us are concerned about metabolic syndrome which is a big social problem in Japan. Together with the University of Marine Science and Technology, Sakamoto Feeds succeeded in developing fish feeds with a new concept using gamma oryzanol which is said to be effective to prevent metabolic syndrome. This substance not only works effectively on fish growth but also accumulates in fish flesh and prevents the discoloration of flesh, therefore is effective for keeping the quality of the fish. And eating gamma oryzanol cultured fish makes it possible to prevent metabolic syndrome and that distinguishes them from other fish. These facts contribute to the valuation as cultured fish improving health-function.